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CSD Projects
South Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Site last updated 30th August 2022

The following are archives of my past work that may get the occasional update when I feel like it, but otherwise are not up-to-date.

Commissioned by Debbie Hirsh (her mother), Hallee mostly retired from acting around 2014 which is why the domain is no longer active but the site still live here.
Mae is still active but thanks to social media there is not really a need for fan sites any more as she can promote herself.
SSF is no longer the only emulator with good compatibility. This site is kept online as an archive of my past work.
UAE4All was created when I had a Nokia N900 and decided to create a compatibility list for it. Like my other sites, this is kept online as an archive of my past work as I now use MiSTer for simulating the Amiga rather than an emulator.

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