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Duo Pinball for Windows (30th Dec 2013)DOWNLOAD DISCUSS

I recently picked up an Asus Transformer Book T100TA and was happy to find it runs Pinball Arcade well.
I was sad however to find that while the game plays MUCH better in portrait, its pretty hard to do with a controller in your hands while balancing the tablet on your lap, trying to keep it at a decent viewing angle.

So I went looking for alternative solutions and immediately stumbled onto the Duo Pinball which looked ideal apart from one thing, it only works with iPad and a single app.

Fortunately due to this limitation the price had dramatically dropped compared to the many negative reviews who said it was too expensive for its limited use. So I grabbed one in the hope that being bluetooth I could do something with it on PC.

The application here is the result of that experiment and it works pretty well, although its still a little awkward to operate on my tablet as Pinball Arcade is only designed for mouse/keyboard use.

For now it simulates the left/right shift for flippers and holding/releasing the space bar for the plunger. This does sadly mean you have no nudge functionality but personally I never use it anyway.

It uses the excellent Input Simulator library to trigger the key presses and I am hoping to eventually be able to use ScpServer to simulate an Xbox 360 controller instead for full analog plunger support.

You will require .NET Framework 4.5 installed. I may be able to target older versions but as I only have access to Windows 7 and 8 machines to test on I have kept it on the default settings that I know work.

Discussion about this application can be found on the Pinball Arcade Fans forum.

If you like this application please consider a small donation towards improvements.

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